It’s Time to Turn the Page

ImageDay after day…month after month…year after year…

I’m so tired of the routine of life. I need something to change. It’s time out for mundane, I’m ready for awesome!

So who do I complain to? My husband? Friends? God?

How about none of the above. After all, my complacency has nothing to do with them.

Some days I think I’m on the right track, and then there are other days where I feel as though I’m stuck in quicksand. I think it’s because the vision I see and the purpose I know God has set before me is occurring way too slowly. I guess I must admit I’m still in a microwave mentality.

One thing I’m ahead of is I do know my purpose. However even outside of my Godly purpose, I desire more from myself and this life I’m living. Is it school or a hobby or maybe I should take up yoga…at any rate, I won’t find completeness until I step out of my comfort zone and begin to see what’s possible on the next page. If I don’t have the courage to turn the page, I’m stuck reliving the same story over and over without ever seeing the happy ending.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks about this. There is a big world out there and it’s okay to have a desire for more than what’s in front of you.

I suppose the advice I would give to myself and others who may feel the same way I do is to make a decision to get up off your butt and start making things happen. Sitting here wishing won’t get you any farther than it did yesterday.   

Maybe you feel as though what you desire is too hard to obtain.

 Maybe it’s happiness, love, or peace of mind you desire? Please know that these things are attainable just like anything else. It all starts within. It’s about having a made up mind. No one can “make” you happy but you. You are the controller of your destiny, moods, etc.  It’s up to you to take the reins and steer into the direction you want it to go.

I’ve found that it’s pointless to complain about something if I’m not doing anything to change it. Today let’s be determined to reach out for the next rung on the ladder so we can go higher. It’s time to turn the page to the next chapter of your life.

Don’t look back and ask, “Why?” Look ahead and ask, “Why not?”  When it comes to your dreams and goals, be too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated. –Unknown

I have confidence that you (and I) will get exactly where we need to be. I’m claiming it for each one of us.

Our declaration: I’m taking that first step today and I won’t look back!

About nomorebandages

No More Bandages! promotes spiritual healing of the heart, mind and soul. NMB! focuses on, what I call, the spiritual and natural bandages that we place in our lives. A bandage is anything we use to cover up a wound. Those bandages can hinder our growth. Once that bandage is identified, it can be removed, allowing God to begin the healing process. God can heal cancer just as easily as a broken hea rt. It all lies within our desire to be made whole. I am blessed to be able to share my life and the abuse I endured beginning at just four years old. If I help just one person, my hurt and pain is not in vain. We all need healing in our lives.
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1 Response to It’s Time to Turn the Page

  1. Pat says:

    I’m sitting right beside you thinking and feeling the same way. Thanks for the nudge. Also, all your conclusions are on track. Much love!

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