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No More Bandages! promotes spiritual healing of the heart, mind and soul. NMB! focuses on, what I call, the spiritual and natural bandages that we place in our lives. A bandage is anything we use to cover up a wound. Those bandages can hinder our growth. Once that bandage is identified, it can be removed, allowing God to begin the healing process. God can heal cancer just as easily as a broken hea rt. It all lies within our desire to be made whole. I am blessed to be able to share my life and the abuse I endured beginning at just four years old. If I help just one person, my hurt and pain is not in vain. We all need healing in our lives.

Is it worth it?

Will money dictate how you feel? I shared last month that I started weaning off of one of my medications. I currently take 2 non-generic medications. One costs $954 for 90 days and the other is $406 for 90 days. … Continue reading

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I can’t help you

The Chronicles of Chronic Pain Broken leg, no problem. Stab wound, right this way. Stitches, come on down. If I had broken my leg when I fell that day, these last few years would have been much easier. Several doctors … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of Chronic Pain

When you start day one, you have no idea you are counting; no idea that something is beginning. I didn’t even notice a problem until around day twenty. “This isn’t going away. Maybe I should call my doctor.” “Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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My journey to finding me

I’ve always heard that when a woman is going through something bad in her life she will take it out on her hair. Most times it starts with something drastic such as a big chop. This shows the emotional turmoil … Continue reading

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Pray and Speak Up!

There were prominent deaths that occured this week. In particular, Michael Brown and Robin Williams. Michael Brown was an 18 year old boy who was gunned down by a police officer in Missouri and Robin Williams was an awesome actor … Continue reading

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Trust Yourself

Trust is an absolute necessity when it comes to relationships. That applies to personal, business, etc. But how much do you trust yourself? Do your best to trust yourself in these areas of your life. NMB! is built with tears, … Continue reading

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Give Them Their Flowers

Yesterday my family and friends were blessed to throw a surprise party for my grandmother’s 90th birthday.It was an awesome celebration that I will never forget and I know she won’t either. At one point we went around the room … Continue reading

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    To is about encouraging those who may be going through. My God is an awesome God.  God can do anything but fail. Whatever you stand in need of today, God is greater than any problem, situation or hardship. … Continue reading

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Thankful for the Doubts

Have you ever stopped and thanked those who talked about you or did their best to discourage you? Sounds like a crazy notion I know, but I’m stronger today because of the negativity. If they said I couldn’t do it, … Continue reading

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Love Shouldn’t Hurt

On Monday I have the privilege of bringing No More Bandages! classes to CHOICES Eliminating Domestic Violence Shelter. Although I did not utilize their services, the interaction I’ve had with them in these last few months have been eye opening. … Continue reading

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